Köstritzer Meisterwerke Pale Ale

I thought it was pretty cool when I found out that Köstritzer was brewing a couple of new beers, a pale ale and a witbier. They were being sold in 4 packs with the individual beers coming in at a cost of around €1.49. The largest hindrance was that they weren't widely available. I had to take public transit fairly far from my apartment to pick them up.

The Pale Ale was a light brown with shades of gold. The head was white. The aroma smelled great with orange, mango, pineapple, and bread. The flavor was less intense than the aroma. It revealed slight bitterness with more tropical fruit, citrus, and bread flavors. I found this beer to be highly drinkable, and I would drink it regularly considering the price point, if it was easier to find. This is one of the better pale ales I've had and it is more impressive considering it is coming from a larger German brewer. I hope that if larger brewers in Germany continue to hop on the craft beer hype, they do it like this with a solid product at a reasonable price.

Overall: 8/10

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