Bar Rating System

There is no exacting science or complex algorithm employed to come up with my bar ratings. I go off what beer is available, atmosphere, service, and price. Just because somewhere is the best in town doesn't mean that I will rank it any higher than it should be. With 1 being the worst and 10 being the best ... here we go -

1. I'm honestly not sure how a bar could be bad enough to receive a rating of 1. Maybe the second you walk in a bar fight erupts and a chair is smashed over your head or some radioactive ooze comes flowing from the tap when you order a draft beer. These bars might make for a good story but not for a good night.

2. This would be the realm of rude service and only mass market beers. If your options are Bud, Miller, and Coors than your bar might be a 2. Also the kind of place where you finish your beer but can't get anyone to give you another would be a 2.

3. These bars would be similar to a 2 but having fewer drawbacks such as a yawn inspiring beer list matched with an unwelcoming but not down right rude staff. A really great bar could be sucked down to this rating if it does something like allow smoking indoors.

4. Here we start to have a mix. There could be some good beer available but you don't really want to go there to drink it. Maybe this place is close to home and you get home town service but there isn't anything you want to drink.

5. More and more bars are starting to become 5's with the spreading love of craft beer. Often places have a decent beer on tap in there selection or a couple of bottles that you enjoy. The reason this bar will be a five is that it just doesn't pull itself out of the mediocrity that most bars wallow in. People's love of social interaction and drink keep these places open because, if you want to go out you have to go somewhere.

6. These bars are a bit trickier. I want to like them but something isn't there that needs to be. Maybe they have tons of great beer but an unknowledgeable staff mixed with high prices. Possibly they just don't have enough beers to make you want to come back regularly but they do offer something appealing.

7. For a bar to make it to the rating of 7 it is going to be close to doing everything right. Although they might not be exceptional they do have a mix of beer, atmosphere, service, and price that I am looking for. These are the kinds of bars that I'm glad to have spent time in but wouldn't go out of my way to come back too.

8. Here we have started to hit the good times! They have not only everything you want in a bar but, they do it well. They aren't the absolute best bars but you want to go there and look forward to going back. If you lived close by you could possibly be a regular and would tell people about how it is the best bar around.

9. So close to the top but not quite there. A bar this great would easily be experienced as a 10 by another person. This is the kind of place that you love to go to and have no real complaints about. Despite it being everything you want all the intangibles of the bar don't quite brew together to be a 10.

10. The best of the best bars that give you an amazing experience, great beer, at least pleasant staff, and reasonable prices. These are the best bars in the world and you can just feel it in the air. I think there are plenty of bars that are 10s around the world and you'll know if you step foot in one.


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