La Botica de la Cerveza Malaga, Spain

I had just attempted to go to the Cervecería Arte&Sana Craft Beer Café, but it was mysteriously closed. Luckily I had planned La Botica de la Cerveza as a back up which conveniently is just around the corner from Plaza de la Merced. This place had been referred to as a bottle shop where you can drink inside from the reviews I'd seen, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect inside.

I was surprised to see a motorcycle right inside the door as we approached. There was a small bar with a cooler behind it as well as bottles of beer sitting on shelves along the other wall. In the corner were a few tables where patrons were drinking and chatting. I looked around at the bottle selections and with every passing moment I decided more and more that this is a bar with beer to take away instead of a bottle shop you can drink in. We sat at a table and scanned one of the few beer binders which showed the various bottle selections.

I found the prices to be fairly reasonable and there was only a .40 euro cent charge to drink the bottle in the store. Considering most of the bottles were 3 or 4 euro you could have quite a few beers here without spending a ton of money. I expected a bit more of a selection and the amount of Spanish craft beer seemed limited. Most of the beers were from Belgium and the UK with a few other beers from the other notable European beer countries. None of the craft beers I had been hoping to find were sold here, so I settled on a BrewDog Hardcore IPA which I'd been wanting to try for awhile. The bartender was quick and polite and we communicated decently despite my lack of Spanish and his lack of English.

I sat back and sipped my beer as he fiddled with his ipod, flipping through various selections before settling on the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He proceeded to take a swig from a bottle behind the bar and went to tinkering on his motorcycle. At one point he started catching something on his tire on fire which was a bit odd, but after he finished he wheeled his bike back out in the street.

A few more people trickled in for an after work beer, and it seemed that they all knew the man working. There were even two different baby prams in here at one point. Overall the atmosphere was laid back and inviting, and it was easy to enjoy my beer. I thought about staying longer but wanted to go find some dinner and get on with our evening. It is rare to get two craft beers in a bar in Europe for under 9 euro, so I would recommend coming here if you want a tasty beer without breaking the budget. Then again there isn't much of a reason to visit here since the selection is limited and there is no draft beer. I doubt I'll make it back in here if I come back to Malaga, but I'm sure the locals will continue to be quite happy coming in everyday.

Overall: 7/10

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