De Hopduvel Bottle Shop Ghent, Belgium

I didn't get the chance to go into many bottle shops on my trip but, I was really glad I made to De Hopduvel after I walked in. The selection was so numerous I decided to take a walk around the whole store before grabbing a basket. I felt like I was buying so many beers while I was there but was a little shocked after looking at the receipt and seeing that I only purchased 13 beers!

The haul! Some of these beers were my friend's.

The selection was mainly Belgian beer but there were a few imports as well. I was surprised to see how cheap many of the bottles were. I'm so used to a Belgian beer costing at least 2 euro that seeing ones for less than a Euro and some more expensive ones like Rochefort 10 for only 2.35 that I was really impressed and happy. I was really excited to find so many of the beers that I wanted to take back. I bought Chouffe, St. Bernardus, Karmeliet, Rochefort, and Grimbergen. I wanted to buy more but we still had several days of traveling and with the hot forecast I didn't want to risk leaving too many beers in the car.

There wasn't a huge selection of rare beers here as far as I could tell but if you want a vast selection with prices that the locals pay you have to come here while in Ghent. Every other beer store I made it to in Belgium was in the more touristy areas of the city and the beers were way overpriced. My only regret is that I didn't buy more!

Overall: 10/10 

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