Bar Review: Cafe Rose Red Bruges, Belgium

I was as excited to see the inside of this bar as the beer list after reading about it online. I saw many reviews that went on at length about how romantic it was and how it is the perfect place to take someone.

Even though the roses are fake I was immediately sucked in to the alluring atmosphere of this bar ... and then someone's infant started to cry. Lucky for us there was a courtyard so we could escape the wails and enjoy the wonderful weather. We only had time for one drink before heading over to our reservation at Ribs and Beer so we decided to go for the beer tasting. 

Our waiter took the time to explain a few basic points about the beers and then we dove in.

We had the Redor Pils, Lupulus Blond, Quintine Ambree, and Saison Dupont Dry Hopping. We didn't try the St. Bernardus because we had already tried several of their beers and I had an Abt 12 in the car. The Redor Pils was boring with the classic German grassy pilsner taste. I would give it a five because of its drinkable but unexciting nature. If you have read my blog much you probably already know how I feel about pilsners! I really enjoyed the Lupulus Blond as it was refreshing and smooth. It was easily a nine. The Quintine Ambree didn't really impress. It was okay but watery. It reminded me of a lite doppelbock as it had some malt and dark fruit flavors. I would give it a six. The Saison Dupont was another really tasty smooth beer. I would have enjoyed it more with a touch more sun. This beer was an eight. 

Despite being outside and a bit away from the bar the service was good and reasonably attentive. I definitely liked the decor here. The fake red roses are a bit cheesey but that doesn't bother me one bit. The beer list isn't super impressive here but I would definitely come back and suggest you stop in if you are ever in Bruges.

Overall: 8/10

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