Alhambra Reserva 1925

I hadn't seen this beer at any restaurants I ate at in Costa del Sol despite occasionally seeing signs for it above bars while walking around. So when I saw it on the menu at a place whose name now escapes me, I decided to try it out. It arrived in a green bottle, which always makes me nervous that my beer will taste skunky. It poured a deep golden with a decent sized white head. I couldn't detect much in the way of aroma but there were some faint grassy hops and bready malts. I was surprised at how crisp and bitter this beer was, and it had plenty of bite to the carbonation. The flavor was unexpectedly hoppy for a European lager, and I could really taste the grass and hay flavors from the hops. The malt was also decently evident with tastes of bread and lighter notes of honey. This beer was alright and different from the usual but not quite what I would consider special. I was surprised later when I found out that it had 6.4% abv as I was expecting it to be closer to 5%. I didn't enjoy my food where we ate as it tasted like it had been pulled from a freezer and deep fried, so I can't say anything interesting about how the beer paired with the food.

Overall: 7/10

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