Köstritzer Meisterwerke Witbier

I thought it was pretty cool when I found out that Köstritzer was brewing a couple of new beers, a pale ale and a witbier. They were being sold in 4 packs with the individual beers coming in at a cost of around €1.49. The largest hindrance was that they weren't widely available. I had to take public transit fairly far from my apartment to pick them up.

The witbier poured a pale yellow with a white head. I could smell flowers, spice, yeast, orange, and dried apricot. The flavor was flowers, spice, orange, and yeast. It was light in my mouth and a pleasant change from the German beer I'd been drinking. While this is a decent beer, it doesn't stack up to some of the great Belgian witbiers out there.

Overall: 7/10

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