Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fà Rome, Italy

While sitting at Bir & Fud the night before I wasn't sure if I would like Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fà. I could see a large crowd of people outside the bar mostly dressed in hipster attire and smoking like it was their life depended on it. Luckily when we stopped by on Monday around 6 it was much less crowded and a couple of tired dogs were hanging out with their humans by the door instead. Inside the door was a small room where the bar was located. There were over 10 taps working at the time, but I think there can be up to 16. I took a few moments to read the names of the beers on the board on the opposite side of the bar. I decided to go with the Vento Forte PRO Follower which I'd never heard of but figured a DIPA would send my evening down an interesting path. It was crowded at the bar, but there was a small area to the side to order from.

After getting our beers we decided to move into the side room. The bar was filled with a mix of what appeared to be locals and pretentious American college students expounding on their not so deep thoughts of education and life. The side room was empty besides one gentleman rocking out to Rock TV which appeared to be something like MTV back when it still played music. I had noticed it in the previous room, but a musty mold smell filled the air and was even more evident. This didn't make for the best environment for beer tasting. Gnats floated about enticed by the sweet nectar of craft beer. Pearl Jam, Evanescence, Tenacious D, and The Ramones came through the speakers at a low but listenable volume.

As the alcohol seeped into my brain I began to notice the gnats and the must less. I could see people steadily stream in and out of the door. I would imagine that this place gets so full at night that it could be hard to enjoy. While I like being in a bar with a decent amount of people the general set up and small rooms here would not be to my liking with wall to wall people. I eventually went back out and ordered the Ducato Verdi Imperial Stout. As I waited for my beer I stared at the beer board and definitely saw that there was a good range of styles and well regarded beers across the somewhat limited range of taps. Whoever purchases beer for this bar definitely knows the Italian and European craft beer scene well and really cares about what they sell. Also the prices were overall reasonable with all beers being offered for either a €4 or €6 pour depending upon the size ordered.

Back in the side room the rock music continued to play until some guy who looked like an Italian Ozzy Osbourne came on. Shortly there after the music switched to a classic rock radio tv music station. During the day the atmosphere was relaxed and overall this place had a welcoming feel. I eventually decided to explore some down stairs. There were some bathrooms and another room with seating. It smelled a bit danker down here in the basement, and it wouldn't be an area I'd look forward to hanging out in. Eventually I finished my beer and we tenderly stepped out past a few relaxing dogs to continue our evening.

Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fà features a well thought out tap list with some world class beers. Despite the musty dingy bar it is still a place to seek out if you want to sample some of the best beer available in Italy. Considering the narrow confines, its popularity, and lack of food I'd recommend coming here early before heading out for dinner. If you like crowds then I'm sure you won't mind staying or stopping by later though. The staff was friendly enough and efficient. I didn't talk to any of them about beer, but I would imagine if it was slow that they'd be happy to chat. If you want a go to a quirky pub just outside of the tourist center of Rome with a well thought out tap list then this place will give you what you are searching for.

Overall: 8/10

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