Franziskaner Weissbier Royal

Franziskaner  is apart of Ab InBev. It makes me wonder if naming this special addition Hefeweizen Royal is some weird attempt to brand a German "King of Beers". This is probably one of the mysteries of the universe that will unfortunately go unanswered for me.

It poured a dark orangish brown with the classic Hefeweizen head. The aroma was the usual suspects of the style with banana, clove, spice, and yeast. The main flavor was banana with lesser amounts of yeast, wheat, and mild spice. I had previously drank Ballast Point's Victory At Sea so my palate was kind of rocked, which possibly lead to my thinking this beer was a touch watery. Overall this was a pretty good beer and easy to drink much like Hefeweizens tend to be. Although it was good, I definitely wouldn't crown this the "King of Weizens".

Overall: 8/10

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