Ballast Point Victory At Sea

Victory At Sea is a beer that I desperately wanted to try when I read about it. Despite drinking a decent amount of beer in my life, I don't think I had an imperial porter before let alone one brewed with coffee and vanilla. Wrap all that up in a bottle with some cool artwork and I'm sold. Time to set sail!

The head doesn't have waves ... I just took a sip!
The sea was black, black with a reddish tan head. Those were some dangerous looking waters. I could smell no shortage of coffee, vanilla, chocolate and alcohol. I was relieved to know this bottle was amply stocked. The first sip revealed a beer that was very bitter but still surprisingly smooth. I could taste coffee, espresso, chocolate, mocha, vanilla, and shockingly little alcohol besides the telling warmth. The vanilla lingered deliciously in my mouth which gave nice balance to the intense bitterness. I loved this beer, but my first mate had thoughts of mutiny in her heart ...

My lady didn't like it, so I had to send her overboard and finish the voyage on my own, lest I be cursed by the gods. Anyways isn't it bad luck to have a woman on board? I caught a fairly mean buzz towards the end and the seas were rough, but I have a sturdy pair of sea legs. That was one hell of a voyage.

Overall: 10/10

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