Founders All Day IPA

All Day IPA has a really enticing name but could you really spend all day with it? It arrived with a golden brown body and an ample white head. There was a good balance of the citrus, grapefruit, pine and floral hop aromas. I always enjoy when the aroma explodes from the bottle like it did with this one. There was plenty of delicious grapefruit flavor with a full malt backbone of grain and bread. The only real fault I could find with this beer is its just a touch watery. I'm not completely sure why this is considered an IPA because it is more like the ultimate pale ale to me. After trying this beer I'm sure the session IPA craze will take off and stick around, which I think will provide a good balance for hop lovers considering the endless supply of high ABV hop bombs. This is a great beer and although I might not be able to spend all day with it, I could do a long afternoon fading into a delightful evening.

Overall: 9/10

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Hi, I'm Colin, I love a good hoppy IPA, but I can find immense enjoyment in a solid session beer, imperial stout, quadrupel or a nostalgic beer from my past.


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