St. Georgen Bräu Keller Bier

This was a beer I had never seen in the store before, so I was quick to grab up a bottle from the lone crate on the floor. I was expecting something opaque when I poured it, but I could see right through this orangish brown beer. The total lack of  "plop" lead me to be unsurprised at the almost non existent head from the pour. The aroma was brown bread, caramel, and faint orange. The flavor was caramel, bread, and slight syrup. It transitioned from sweet at the beginning to faintly bitter at the end. I was a little put off at the lack of carbonation and it was possibly the least carbonated beer I have ever drank. The only other detractor from an otherwise enjoyable beer was that it was a little watery. I would have this beer again but would prefer to try it on tap to see what the carbonation is like then.

Overall: 8/10

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