LisBeer Lisbon, Portugal

I was pretty curious what a beer bar would be like in possibly the least beerish capital in western Europe. Upon entering the door LisBeer looked like it could have been found in any number of cities. There was a main room with tables and a couple of couches. A few feet away was the bar with six taps. Up just a few stairs and to the side was some more seating, which I unfortunately found out later was the smoking section.

The bartender told us about the drafts which were Budvar, Paulaner Weiss, Kwak, Gulden Draak, Anchor IPA and Anchor Porter. I wasn't too interested in the drafts, so I took a look over the bottle list with over two hundred options. I knew I was going straight to the Portuguese beer and was pretty excited when the bartender informed me that there was also a black IPA from Mean Sardine available which wasn't on the list. We put in our orders, and I got excited to start my Portuguese craft beer journey.

Our beers arrived with a small bowl of corn nuts. Nineties rock music played on the stereo and the space left a welcoming impression. I was a bit disappointed that people were smoking, but overall people were keeping it to the occasional indulgence instead of the classic chain smoking assault that some bars are known for. I noticed my beer was a bit too cold, so I waited for it to warm. The music began to vary among rock and pop from the fifties, sixties and seventies. I decided to have a couple more beers and relax.

LisBeer is a good location to enjoy craft beer in Lisbon. While none of the drafts were Portuguese, the bottle list did include a large portion of the beer I had on my radar. The drafts cost between 4 and 7.50 euro. All the bottles I tried were a  bit too cold, but I was happy to let them warm. The service was quick and friendly with the added bonus of occasional corn nuts. The bar was fairly empty while I was there so I hope that is not normal for them. The only negative from my visit was that smoking is allowed. If you find yourself in the city center wanting a drink, LisBeer would be a good choice for beer.

Overall: 8/10

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