Camba Tap House Munich, Germany

I felt the crown jewel on the frothy white head of my Bavaria beer drinking excursion would be the Camba Bavaria Tap House Munich. They are my favorite craft brewer from Germany, and the bar featured as large of a tap and bottle list as I ever care to see. When we walked in around dinner time on a Wednesday, it was already fairly busy, and all the tables were occupied. Surprisingly all of the twenty five seats or so at the long wooden bar were open. I initially sat close to the door, but after hearing the traffic from the busy street outside decided to move to the opposite end.

The forty or so taps of mainly German and some American craft beer took me a while to decide on. I enquired about a few different beers and happened to manage to ask about the three that weren't currently available on draft. Eventually I settled on the Camba Bavaria Imperial Black IPA which I'd tried before and loved. The service was quick and prompt but unfortunately not flawless. My drinking companion ordered a Marzen but received a Weizen instead. While they sound similar that is still a fairly bad mistake in my opinion. I should have immediately known something was wrong when I looked at the glass but figured they had a good reason for serving a Marzen in a Weizen glass. When I took a sip I realized what happened but neither of us felt like complaining as some time had passed, and she found the beer decent. The service was more on point the rest of the night.

Not many people travel to Munich and get excited about the chance to drink beer from Indiana, but I couldn't have been more enthralled with my chance to indulge in some Three Floyds. There weren't any of their beers available on draft, but they did have some bottles including Alpha King and Gumballhead. I submitted to having an Alpha King after finishing my Schönram IPA. I felt like a king drinking my fancy import beer, and it made the evening memorable for me.

Tap House Munich is unique in the city's beer culture. No where else in the city (or Germany) offers this amount of craft beer selection. Prices are reasonable with most of the German draft options costing €3.80 for 33cl. The bottles are also decently priced and my taste of Three Floyds only cost €6. The service was overall good, and I never waited long before someone wanted to know if I needed anything else. The atmosphere is decent and is a mix of classic beer hall and craft beer bar. If you want to experience where German beer is headed than Tap House Munich is the place to go.

Overall: 9/10

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