Brausturm Tap Takeover at Galopper des Jahres

Brausturm is a new craft beer import and distribution company in Hamburg that also hosts beer events and brewing courses. They had a tap takeover at Galopper des Jahres in Sternschanze with 22 taps of beer from some high profile US and European brewers as well as some local ones. The event ran over three days from the 11th to 13th of December starting everyday at 5pm and having an open end which is basically German for when the last person decides to leave. The initial tap list was definitely impressive, and I was excited to get a chance to drink several of these beers.

When I arrived around 7pm on Friday it was fairly busy but definitely not crowded. We were lucky to grab a table shortly after arriving which helped to make the event more enjoyable for me. Most of the beers from the initial tap list were still available, which I was glad to see. The glasses for the event required a €3 pfand and allowed for 2cl pours. I initially thought this event was going to feature larger pours or at least the option for them and not be strictly a tasting. While the glass had a hip design, I would have liked to see something a bit more open and less like a pilsner glass to facilitate aroma and flavor from these bold beers.

Most of the beers cost €4 for 2cl which is expensive but not too surprising considering their limited availability and how far several of them traveled to be there. The local German craft beers were available for €3 for 2cl which also seemed a bit too steep. The higher abv beers and ones from Mikkeller and Evil Twin came in even more pricey at €5 for 2cl. I know events like these are set up to make money, but I'm much more willing to pay a higher price for a full beer than for a sample. Small pours are great to find out if you like a beer but are not good to get to know a beer with. I'd rather have had the option for a 1cl tasting and also the option to have a full glass. Several of the beers available are better to drink a full serving of due to their complexity.

The set up featured all 22 taps along one wall adjacent to the main bar which was still serving Galopper des Jahres' normal wares. The few people serving the beer were efficient, and since it wasn't crowded it was relatively easy to get to the taps. If more people showed up as the evening went on getting to the beer, and ordering it would have been a headache. Due to the set up of the bar and the taps most people were standing just a few feet away in large crowds. There wasn't really any other space that would have been better to be in if you couldn't get one of the few tables.

I was really excited to finally get to try a beer from Jack's Abbey. Hoponius Union was my favorite and first beer I tried during the event, and I will gladly seek out more of this beer when I get a chance. It had great citrus and floral hops flavor and aroma and was something I could drink regularly The one German beer I tried was xoco ipa from Mashsee. It was okay but didn't really do much for me. It tasted like an uninspired IPA dusted with cheap coco. Pirate Bomb from Prairie Ales was complex but the rum flavor was overpowering even with the abundant chocolate and vanilla present. Saison Darkly from Stillwater was pleasant but not the right choice to have after the barrel aged Pirate Bomb. I could pick up licorice and that was about it.

The tap list Brausturm put together is the most impressive I've seen at a German beer event. With a little bit of tweaking and a venue with better flow and seating their events could be really great. I was disappointed with the price and lack of options for the pours of the beers, but was happy to get a fresh glass with each sample. I really hope they offer more flexibility with the serving size in the future, if they want to take their event to the next level. Overall it was a good event but not good enough to make me want to go back on Saturday.

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