Voll-Damm (Doble Malta)

I had thought about trying this beer if I was somewhere is Spain that didn't have much beer selection, as it is widely available and different than the pale lagers which dominate Spanish beer options. This situation arose when we arrived in Barcelona and the person who was supposed to meet us to let us into our Airbnb didn't show up. We walked around the immediate area and after a bit found a kebab shop with wifi. I needed to order something to use the wifi, so I took a look at the menu and decided a beer would be my best bet and there sat the Voll-Damm.

At first I was handed a can of coke, but after a brief moment of confusion I received my beer. It poured dark gold without much head. There were caramel and general malty smells as well as some grass. The flavor was heavy on the malt and the caramel was upfront. This beer tasted kind of old and I didn't really enjoy it. Shortly after I started drinking it we were able to get ahold of our Airbnb host, so I didn't spend very long reflecting on the maltiness of this beer. Unfortunately our Airbnb happened to be right next to some construction which seems to occurs more often than I would expect when I use the service.

Overall: 5/10

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