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The weather was shaping up to be fairly awful on our third day in Barcelona. We had been doing some sightseeing in the rain for a few hours, when we finally decided it was time to change our plans. We headed to the metro, and it swept us across the city to my most anticipated beer destination of the trip - BierCab.

As we entered the door we witnessed a stylish bar to our left with thirty tap handles and surprisingly only seven or eight seats. Tables lined the right side of the room back toward the open kitchen as well as some additional seats once it opened up past the bathroom. I was expecting someplace a bit bigger, and I was glad we were showing up at a time when we would be able to easily get a seat. The bar was almost completely full with 5 people sitting there already, so we grabbed a nearby table. I stared up at the digital tap list straining my eyes despite having my contacts in. I could make out most of the beers on the board, but it was definitely difficult. I decided to get the one beer on the board which was from Catalonia.

Shortly after we got our beers a couple at the bar left. We decided to move over to the bar, as it seemed more inviting, and I wanted to read the beer board better. As I scanned the clearer list, it revealed a wide and interesting selection which was tilted toward Scandinavian beers. There were beers from all over Europe but surprisingly few Spanish ones. This was definitely a tap list curated by a lover of unique, popular, and well made beer.

Rock music played over the stereo at a moderate to low volume. I heard songs from the 60's all the way to modern day, but it did seem that the music selection was a bit more in favor of Guns N' Roses and the 90's. The group of three Italian men to my left were really enjoying themselves and making quite a headway through the thirty beers. I was impressed by their mid afternoon drinking dedication. The rain picked up and dashed any thoughts I had of wandering back outside. I was here and dedicated at this point, so I had another beer.

As beers were poured and drank people slowly made their way in, usually in pairs, to sit down and enjoy the wares. My lady ordered some nachos and another bartender came to work as the main bartender sat down for a meal and a server left for the day. The three Italian men left and they were replaced at the bar by a group of two guys and a separate guy by himself. Unfortunately they were just as interested in smoking cigarettes as drinking beer, and they seemed to like to stand right next to or in the open door and let their smoke waft back in. The nachos were tasty despite the relatively small portion, and I thought briefly about ordering food but decided against it. The menu looked tempting, but it wasn't the right time of day.

My favorite part of my visit to Biercab interestingly enough didn't involve beer. As my second beer was being poured I asked for a glass of water. At first the bartender seemed slightly confused but after a moment and my confused face saying, "agua", he smiled and handed me a glass and pointed behind me to a water cooler. I absolutely love being able to have some water and clean the flavor of the last beer out of my mouth and stay hydrated. I'm always amazed at how expensive it usually is to get water in a bar or restaurant in Europe, so this was a pleasant surprise. With so many bold beers on offer it makes sense to allow patrons to maximize their experience with a fresh palate.

Service was friendly and quick at Biercab. Both my lady and I asked for a few sample pours, and they didn't hesitate to help out with suggestions. The atmosphere was laid back on a Monday afternoon, but I would imagine in the evenings and weekends this place gets crowded. I'm glad I got to sit at the bar, as the tap list is only visible right behind it. I had the feeling that Biercab is as much of a restaurant as it is a bar and the seating definitely makes it look more like an eating establishment than anything else. Prices of the beers were reasonable, and while the food was slightly pricey it did seem to have a foody flair and higher end ingredients to justify it. I'm not sure what the missing element was to keep me from rating this place a ten, but it would be difficult to find an establishment with a better beer list and all the other positives Biercab offers.

Overall: 9/10

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