Bir & Fud Rome, Italy

One of my absolute favorite foods is pizza. I've been enjoying the stuff for years, and it is rare for me to meet a pie that I don't enjoy. I figured Bir & Fud would make for an excellent dinner considering not only do they have pizza but also about 20 taps of craft beer. We showed up a little before seven on a Sunday, and luckily we were able to be seated right away, as I had heard it can get quite busy here. We were offered a table by the door in the narrow patio leading into the bar area. In a matter of moments we had the menu and beer list to peruse.

It took some time to look over the beer menu, as it featured elaborate descriptions in Italian but lacked what I look for first which is style and ABV. When perusing unfamiliar beer this information helps me to quickly sort through the options. The beers were all around €5 or 6 which seemed to be the standard price in Rome. After some perusing the beer menu for awhile I settled on the Birra del Borgo ReAle after enjoying their My Antonia the day before. Looking at their food menu previously online allowed me to narrow down what I might want for a pizza, and I decided to have the Capricciosa which has mozzarella, egg, artichoke, ham, and olives on it. My lady just ordered an appetizer as she doesn't care for pizza. I felt slightly bad for taking her here, while simultaneously wondering how I can think so highly of and trust someone so much who doesn't like pizza.

After we put in our order, I asked if I could keep the beer menu to look at it some more, but our server said that she had to take it. I found that surprising as most places with extensive amounts of craft beer have an excess of beer menus. My disappointment was abated when a few moments later my beer arrived. At this point I first realized how shaky our tables was. I guess all the jostling did help to keep a good head on the beer though. As we sat there I was amazed at how many people streamed in asking for a table. At first most people were seated, but after awhile people started to have to wait or just left.

A short time passed and my pizza arrived. It was quite tasty and easily the best pizza I had in Rome. Despite it being quite good I've had better pizzas, and it certainly wasn't mind blowing but for €9 it was definitely worth it. While I tore at my pizza on the shaky table I was occasionally jostled as people came asking if there were any free tables. As my meal wore on and smells of perfume, petrol, smoke, and dirt became more plentiful. I regretted not trying to sit inside. Then again considering the multiple baby strollers that passed by while I was eating I wasn't sure if I'd rather contend with crying children or obnoxious odors.

I finished my beer and pizza and was considering having another beer but decided against it so we could get a fresh start the next day. It was crowded and loud, and I grew weary from people walking into my chair every few moments. There were a few other beers I was interested in trying but nothing I was truly thirsting after. Also the man beside me ordered a second pizza, and I was overcome with jealousy. I decided to go take a look around the rest of the restaurant. Through the door is a very long narrow bar with space for people to eat and drink. After the bar there are bathrooms to the left before opening up to a fairly large dining room. It was packed but looked more comfortable than where I sat outside.

If you are looking for a place to have a good thin crust pizza and craft beer while in Rome, it would be difficult to find a better place than Bir & Fud. The pizza, craft beer available, and service were all quite good. It seemed most people were there for the food instead of the beer which I found kind of surprising. While the pizza was good, I would have thought the real draw would have been the beer. Considering the restaurant's popularity it could take multiple trips or some waiting to get a table. I would definitely go back to Bir & Fud if I find myself in Rome again, but I'll make sure to skip the table by the door and sit in the back.

Overall: 8/10

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