Lübzer Pils

One Sunday evening awhile back a couple of my friends and I wandered into a local restaurant in the Altona neighborhood of Hamburg called Hatari. My friend had heard the burgers were good and that people recommend eating there. It was busy when we walked by, but we were able to share a table with a family outside. We eventually put in our orders and proceeded to wait. And then we waited longer. And then for a while longer. Close to an hour later we moved inside as it was starting to get cold. Not too long after that our food showed up.

Since the burgers were recommended I obviously had to put one to the test. There were several different options available, but I was intrigued by the Bayern burger which featured horseradish and sauerkraut. Although this was an odd combination I could see it working quite well on the burger. There weren't many beer options, so I decided to go with a Lübzer Pils because it was on draft.

Eating a burger with horseradish was a bit odd. I guess I didn't spread it enough, because it seemed more concentrated in some bites than others. The toppings worked alright together, but unfortunately the burger itself was obviously a former sad frozen mass produced puck. It was bland and processed and not something I expect to see from a place that does burgers. The fries weren't very good either, and they were oddly hard but not hard in that crispy delicious way that they can be.

The beer was very basic and boring. It lacked in aroma and flavor. There was some hay, grain, and bitterness as well as some slightly off flavor I couldn't quite place. All of this mixed with the pathetic excuse for a burger didn't make a pairing worth remembering. I wouldn't recommend Hatari or Lübzer Pils.

Overall : 4/10

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