Cervecería Arte&Sana Craft Beer Café Malaga, Spain

Originally I tried to come here while I was in Costa del Sol in April, but unfortunately the bar was closed over the Semana Santa weekend. When I came back in August I had much better luck though. We walked in the door a bit after 7pm on a Friday, and I was surprised to see we were the only people in there, and even more surprised to feel air conditioning. Shortly after we sat down another group consisting of three patrons showed up and a few minutes later another two came as well. The interior was modern and comfortable feeling with multiple small tables for two patrons lining the narrow bar area with two larger tables in opposite corners. There were also a few stools at the bar. The relatively limited seating could prove to be a problem here, but even by the time we left the bar a bit before 10, it was still fairly empty.

I poured over the eight beers featured on the tap list and would focus my efforts on the three Spanish beers available. I decided to have a Domus Aurea and my lady went with the Beer Here Malus Pater. The bar offered several different size pours which offers flexibility for the drinker. We quickly had our glasses filled and a small bowl of complimentary mixed salted nibbles to go with them. I returned to my table and gazed at the extensive amount of bottles in the glass case around the bar. The space was definitely used efficiently, and it would take considerable time to sample even a portion of the available bottles. 

After finishing my first beer I definitely wanted to have a Dougall's Kajun Moonshiner IPA. Even though I don't like moonshine growing up in West Virginia has given me a slight misplaced nostalgic hankering for illicit distilables.  I briefly talked to the bartender about how there appears, at least to me, to be a passion for craft beer in Spain. I also mentioned the impressive amount of bottles they had in the bar for drinking there or taking away. He gave me my beer and the bottle list for some perusing.

I sipped my beer and slowly read through the bottle list. Danish beers were prominently featured on the bottle list with no shortage of Mikkeller, To Øl, and Beer Here. The list also had plentiful amounts of Belgium beer as well as being rounded out with selections from the UK, USA, the Netherlands, Germany, and Spain. Prices for the bottles and drafts were all reasonable too. I didn't spend much time looking at the tapas menu, but one couple did order a couple of plates and everything they had looked tasty. When another bartender showed up earlier in the evening he had a few small bags of groceries which makes me think they keep a limited amount of food stocked on premises. While it could mean they run out of certain items it would also help to keep the food fresh.    

The bar was so enjoyable I needed to have the Dougall's Haiti before I left. There were definitely many ways that this is a great bar. The large selection of beer combined with reasonable prices, friendly efficient staff, and modern decor make for an excellent evening. The only drawback that I could see is that the limited size might lead to a very crowded room when people finally start to go out for the evening. I wouldn't be surprised at all to walk in at midnight and see this place packed. I wouldn't let the possibility of not finding a seat stop you from stopping in for a beer though. When your journey takes you to Malaga make this bar centerpiece of your craft beer itinerary. 

Overall: 9/10

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