De Molen Rye IPA Chinook

Sometimes toward the end of my stay in a bar with an extensive tap list I decide to get adventurous. This was definitely the case when I decided to order the De Molen Rye IPA Chinook. I figured a beer with bold flavors would be a great considering I'd already had a few, and I wanted to be able to still taste all the excitement in the glass. I love IPAs, rye IPAs are usually interesting, and Chinook hops have a unique and piney flavor/aroma, so this beer seemed like a perfect storm of bold flavor.

It definitely looked interesting with its dark reddish brown color and orange highlights. The head was messed up and lumpy looking, but I'd let that slide. The aroma was pine, rye, and lemon rind. The flavor took an unfortunate turn and reminded me of lemon polish, soap, and pine. I imagine this is what a hoppy lemon pine cleaning product would taste like. I finished this beer, but I didn't enjoy it.

Overall: 4/10

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