Victory Headwaters Pale Ale

Growing up along the headwaters of the Little Kanawha River gave me lots of respect for the bounty which is fresh and clean water. I have many fond memories from my childhood playing for countless hours in that river, and I always look forward to spending some time in it when the weather is warm and I'm back in West Virginia. Although more often than not when I do get home, the river looks more like this than my warm inviting memories.

I thought about going down to the river, which is just outside the front door, when I was home to take some pictures of this beer, but it was so damn cold I just enjoyed it inside! I know that is lame, but I do enjoy drinking outside significantly more when it is above freezing.

Headwaters Pale Ale was golden with three fingers worth of white head. The aroma was a mix of fruity and floral hops with sweet malt. The beer's flavor started bitter but finished smooth. I could taste citrus and grassy hops as well as grainy malts. This beer was pretty good, but it didn't grab my attention in the way that I had hoped. I thought it had a slight ammonia taste a few times, but it might have just been my imagination. Even though I didn't become enthralled by this beer, I may give it a chance again at a later date.

Overall: 7/10

And as always remember to drink responsibly otherwise the wildlife might get you.

Baby Black Bear in the Yard

*All of the good pictures in this post were taken by my mother
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