Paulaner Salvator

Salvator is the "founding beer of Paulaner" and according to their website still being brewed with almost the exact same recipe. The Paulaner Monks are responsible for creating the first Doppelbock! To honor their achievement other brewers have often attached the suffix ator to the names of their own versions of this brew.

This is a beer I've had frequently while living in Hamburg, and sometimes I think it tastes amazing, and sometimes I think it tastes a bit off. I'm guessing this is just something based in my own perception and not a flaw in the beer.

The beer pours a dark ruby with a moderate amount of head. The aroma is dark fruit, sugar, and heavy malt. The flavor consists of cherry, raisin, brown sugar, bready malt, caramel, and alcohol. There is a prominent bitterness to the finish and this beer can come off as harsh tasting at times. I think this beer is worth trying because of its history, but there are better doppelbocks out there. I wouldn't consider this a great beer.

Overall: 7/10

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