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Although it is possible that I stepped foot in a great liquor store before I knew anything about beer, State Line Liquors was the first place I ever visited where I not only noticed the selection but was overwhelmed by it. Besides all kinds of wine, liquor, and beers from BMCs there is a massive selection of American craft beers and imports. If a beer is available for distribution in Maryland you will most likely find it here.

The store front looks very unassuming from the outside, and it would be easy to drive by and never notice it. Despite having an address that places it in Elkton, Maryland it is about an equal distance between Elkton and Newark, Delaware. It also happens to be right off of exit 109 on I 95, which is an added bonus if you are driving through on the highway and want to skip a $4 toll and pick up some excellent beer. If you live in Newark a quick drive over is well worth it, because I have never seen a beer store anywhere in New Castle County, DE with selection close to what is available here. I don't know much about the stores in Cecil County, MD, but I'm fairly certain that they won't have anything near the selection available here. Convenient location is only one of the great aspects of this liquor store.

The last time I was home I felt fortunate to be able to stop by here with a couple of my friends one night before they closed. I was able to pick up a couple of bottles to max out the weight on my checked bag for my flight back to Hamburg. I got  a 22 oz of Green Flash Palate Wrecker for $8.54 (normally $9.49) and a 22 oz of Ballast Point Victory at Sea for $9.62 (normally $10.69). I received 10% off of my bottles from previously signing up for their free Club Card. The process just involves giving them your address, phone number, and email and it can also save you 5% off of six packs. I actually forgot to ask for the discount and was pleased when checking my receipt later that they had applied it. That is some great customer service

Speaking of customer service, that is something there is plenty of here. You won't be in the store long staring at all of the delicious beer options eyes glazing over before someone will ask if you need help or are looking for anything in particular. I don't generally ask for help, but when I have I was always pleasantly surprised that the offer was genuine and not some forced push by management to appear helpful. While we were there my friend asked if they had any Lagunitas Sucks and it just so happened that they were hiding a few six packs in the back. I'm assuming they didn't want one person coming in and buying the few sixers they received. If you are looking for a special release beer it is always good to ask if there is anything for sale not on the floor (this goes for any beer store). One last thought on their customer service is that they have a liberal policy on breaking open cases and packs of beers for making mixed six packs, and it is generally encouraged which is great.

Since I moved away from the east coast State Line has expanded. Not only does this equate to more room for beer but also twenty taps for growler fills. The added bonus to all this room and draft beer are the frequent tap takeovers and tasting events that this facilitates. These events are a great way to sample a wide range of beer for a reasonable price.

State Line Liquors is one of the best shops for craft beer on the east coast. One aspect that makes this a must visit is how convenient it is to get to from the highway. Even if it was difficult to get to the wide range of bottles, 20 taps for growlers, and reasonable prices are all enough to make it worth stopping in. The only warning is that even with the great customer service one would be hard pressed to make in out in half an hour. If you are ever driving to or from Philadelphia or Baltimore or getting ready to head to the beach then stop in and grab a few big bottles, mix a six pack, and head happily to your destination. You will have a hard time finding a better place anywhere in the area.

Overall: 10/10
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