Störtebeker Glüh-Bier

I didn't buy this beer expecting or even hoping it would be good. I bought it simply because I love to try new things and it was an oddity. The bottle said it could be enjoyed warm or cold so I decided in the spirit of Glühwein to have it warm. I placed the open bottle into water I boiled from the electric kettle and waited. After I became impatient I decided I would just have to go ahead and see how it turned out.

The beer was deep red and had a pink head which disappeared in a flash. I could smell sugar and cranberry. The taste made me think of cheap powdered fruit drink mix turned into beer, bad Glühwein with beer carbonation, and gross grape cranberry beer. I found this beer to be absolutely vile. My wife thought it was passable just because of its festiveness. I think this beer might be better if it was served cold. You might want to try this just for the novelty but be prepared to take a ride that you'll never forget and instantly regret.

Overall: 2/10

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