Störtebeker Schwarzbier

After sampling several various brews from Störtebeker I don't find the line amazing, but it does tend to be slightly more interesting than what is readily available on the shelf in most grocery stores here. Their beer may lack the quality and innovation which one finds in craft beer, but they do have many drinkable beers so in my quest to try most of the readily available beer in Hamburg I am dedicated to sampling most of their line up. I guess all in all for non craft beer it is decidedly decent.  

One of my top three favorite German beer styles is the Schwarzbier, so I was excited to try this. It poured solid black with a mountain of tan head. The dominant smell was roasted malt. The flavor came through quite stout like with chocolate, molasses, a little coffee and roast char. I did find this beer fairly enjoyable. It might lack the depth of flavor to make me want to have it again but I'm not disappointed that I drank it. 

Overall: 7/10

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