Brewers and Union Steph Weiss

Brewers and Union is a brewery that I've tried to find more information about but unfortunately haven't been very successful. Their website is a tumblr page which has some insight into the company, but mainly states that they work with small brewers in Germany and Belgium. I definitely agree with what they are stating on their site so hopefully the beer will live up to the lofty ideals they advertise.

Steph Weiss was light golden brown with a golden bottom and orangey brown top. Her head was kind of small and disappeared quickly for a hefeweizen. There were typical smells of wheat and yeast as well as a funk which left me scared and intrigued. The taste was less dynamic than the smell and revealed a full bodied but standard hefeweizen with flavors of yeast and wheat dominating the mix. This was smooth and good but certainly not unique. For a company and bottle that go on and on about craft beer I expect some more thought and originality. Despite not being impressed with this beer I will still gladly seek out the other brews in their line up

Overall: 7/10

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