Man in the Moon Stockholm, Sweden

I actually visited Man in the Moon about a year ago. I generally will refrain from doing reviews from memory, but, since I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to return to Stockholm, I figured I should share my thoughts with you about my experience. The reason I went to this bar was its very close proximity to the hotel I was staying at combined by with the lovely late November weather Stockholm is known for. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to go to any other bars during my trip due to a lack of time and desire to spend money on things other than outrageously expensive nordic beer. 

We went on a Monday evening and the bar was fairly empty. We grabbed a seat at the bar and after the bartender finally noticed us we poured over their draft and bottle list. Once again the bartender seemed to have more desire to stare off into space than take our order, but after an extensive wait I ordered the Månens Pale Ale and my drinking partner had a Chimay (blue label). I remember enjoying my beer and if I have a chance I will definitely try it again. I have no in depth impressions of it because I wasn't taking notes at the time. 

I guess we sat too close to the door, because every time it opened we were greeted by a blustery rush of frigid air. Apparently the winters I have lived through in the US and Hamburg didn't do enough to toughen me up. I didn't mind too much, but it didn't create the best atmosphere for a sipping a tasty cold draft beer. I was planning on having another beer but I felt like the bartender continued to ignore me and then after he left the bar area for an extended time I decided it wasn't worth it. 

The interior of the bar had a very strong local pub vibe and despite the overall dead atmosphere inside at the time I found it inviting. The draft list was impressive and I wish I would have studied up on Swedish beer more before I went. At that point I had been living in Hamburg for almost 10 months and it was refreshing to walk into a bar with 20 plus taps of exciting beer. I didn't look to deeply into their beer list, but I believe they have over 500 bottles and it would be difficult to choose just a few to try. I don't feel I can complain about the prices because there is no such thing as cheap alcohol in Sweden, but when the cost of a beer converts to over 10 euro it is hard not to notice. The main detraction to my experience was the service which was a mix of disinterested and almost offended that I wanted beer. This caused my overall memory to be one that would leave me unable to recommend it as a beer destination. That being said maybe the bartender was having a bad night or possibly doesn't even work there anymore. If you happen to find yourself in the immediate area and want a beer you won't be disappointed by the selection and hopefully you'll receive better service than I did.

Overall: 6/10 

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