Newcastle Brown Ale

One day while walking around Sternschanze in Hamburg with some friends we decided to go have a drink. We walked by a place called Fritz Bauch and decided to stop in. I looked over the beer menu and didn't seen anything that I wanted to try which I'd never had before so I decided to go with Newcastle. I first had a Newcastle when I was quite young and after not having it for years I was curious how it would sit on my palate.

The beer was brown as the name suggest with a reddish nutty hue to it and a white head. I could mainly smell some malt and a tiny bit of nuttiness. The taste is malty and smooth with some sweetness to the mix but it is not overpowering. I've always found the taste of this beer a little weird but, I still like it. Definitely not one of my favorites but as far as macro beers go it is pretty good.

Overall: 7/10

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Hi, I'm Colin, I love a good hoppy IPA, but I can find immense enjoyment in a solid session beer, imperial stout, quadrupel or a nostalgic beer from my past.


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