Warsteiner Premium Verum

Happy Tag der Deutschen Einheit! What are virtually all Germans united in ... their love of pilseners!

I have had this particular beer many times because, apparently many people I know think quite highly of it. One friend would almost religiously buy cases of it and at one point I had a roommate who seemed to always be bringing home a 12 pack of this pilsner. This particular time I had it on draft which was a first for me (we were splitting pitchers and my vote was not cast in favor of this beer).

The classic light yellow pilsener was present right there in front of me. The smell was an uninspiring mix of light grain and grass. Maybe if I had just mowed the grass in the hot sun for an hour the smell would have been enticing but, I rarely find myself in that situation. What can one say about the flavor besides an overall boring mix of grass, grain, and cereal with a bitter finish. This is the flavor one might hope for mass market American brews to have but, I don't get the appeal. I've often felt this beer has an off taste from the bitterness and, I actually enjoy some bitter beers. Despite what my friends think I would recommend avoiding this beer.

Overall: 5/10

*For anyone who might be curious we were at Cafe Campus on Grindelallee in Hamburg which I wouldn't     recommend for beer. My friends pizza looked disturbing, but I didn't have any food.

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