Duckstein Rotblondes Original

I occasionally drink this beer in Germany. One reason I don't drink it more often is that it is extremely expensive by German standards with a shelf price of over 1.70 Euro for a half liter bottle in most grocery stores. If I go to a bar and it is a more reasonable price and there is nothing else that I want to try or have then I'm more likely to order it. Much was the case when we met some friends for drinks one afternoon at the Klimperkiste in Hamburg (I was also planning on having a Köstritzer, but we only stayed for one drink).

This amber beer had a thick white head and was an overall appealing sight in a half liter mug. The beer has mainly a malt smell and just the slightest amount of fruity hops. The taste is malty, creamy, and also has a very slight fruity hops presence. I find this beer pleasant but not very complex in flavor. It is fine to drink but, not really worth hunting down. I mainly buy it as a occasional change of pace when I can't get to a real bottle shop in town or if it is one of the better offers from a tap list which I've already tried. This works well for a session beer in a bar but is too expensive to serve that purpose at home.

Overall: 7/10

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