SeekABrew - Helpful Website for US Beer Distribution by State and Brewer

In my daily journey around the internet I found a really cool website called SeekABrew. It lets you search US beer distribution by state or brewer. You can click on a state and be taken to an alphabetical list of brewers. Another option is to select a brewer from the drop down menu to see what states their beer is available in. I'm not sure how often the website will be updated (it states the last time at the top of the page) but, it could help you track down some beer. I plan on using SeekABrew on my next trip back to the US.

If you check out the distribution in WV, the state I grew up in, you'll notice a lack of variety. Mainly only the largest breweries, besides a few regional ones, have distribution in the state. The current options are much better than it was just a few years ago but, when I go home to visit family I'll have to consider picking up some beer on the way. Luckily when I fly back to the US I'll land in either PA or MD which have much more impressive quality and quantity of beer available.

After selecting a state you can compare its distribution to another from a drop down menu below the map. This will allow you to see which beers you can find in both states or just the individual ones. For my own purposes I compared PA and MD and was surprised to see how little beer is available in MD that isn't for sale in PA. Generally PA is considered quite backwards with its alcohol laws but, apparently that doesn't stop an impressive amount of craft beer to flow into the state. One last interesting feature is the ability to sort the breweries by number of states that they distribute to. Even though a person probably won't look at this information all that often it is still a helpful tool to have at your disposal.

SeekABrew is a unique website which shares information I've never seen available anywhere else. One helpful addition could be lists of some of the top beer stores by state to make searching for that sought after brew just a bit easier. I was definitely impressed with the website and think you will be too if you check it out. That way you can have some elusive brewers cold beer waiting for me when I come to visit.  

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