Huffpo Top 10 States With Best Access to Craft Beer

On Monday I shared a helpful and interesting website called SeekABrew which lists craft beer distribution by state. A blogger on Huffington Post dumped all that data into an excel spreadsheet and then took the top 20 breweries from 2013 listed on RateBeer, weighting them more for those higher rated, and came out with the 10 states with best access to craft beer. It was slightly interesting but not exactly what one would consider a scientific foray.

I was actually pretty shocked that Pennsylvania came in at 2. I lived outside Philadelphia for over a year and I never felt like the craft beer was flowing like water. Don't get me wrong there are plenty of great breweries, beer, and bars around but, if that is almost the top of the mountain than it didn't seem that far up. I think part of my surprise stems from the annoying aspects of PA beer laws. I also found it interesting that California despite having 4 of the top 10 breweries was only listed as 10 on the list. Overall the list is really just there for some entertainment and if you like craft beer it should temporarily serve that purpose.

So I'm wondering what other people think about this list? Offended that your state didn't make it on or proud of your ranking? Let me know in the comments or on facebook and twitter.
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