Ratsherrn Summer Ale

In honor of the end of summer I have a review of a summer ale, which is not something I see often around Hamburg (actually this is the only one). The Ratsherrn Summer Ale was a seasonal offering and I was pretty interested in trying it. My friend picked up a 5 liter mini keg from The Craft Beer Store here in Hamburg for our weekly game night.

There was a little bit of an issue with the tapping system and the beer seemed to only propel itself into the glass at an extremely high rate of speed. The golden brown beer had a bubbly head. It smelled a little fruity but, overall it had a light and watery aroma. I was a little surprised that the beer actually tasted watered down. There were still some fruity hops flavors with citrus and some bitterness. Overall I found the beer to taste thin and watery but still decent. I think there was possibly something wrong with our little keg. Despite not being impressed with this beer if it is brewed again next year I will give it another try, preferably on draft in a bar.

Overall: 6/10

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