Bar Review: Rock und Wiking Bar Berlin, Germany

If you enjoy metal, hard rock, and vikings then this is the place to be in Berlin. I wanted to go to this bar the last time I was in Berlin but unfortunately didn't get a chance. This time we made sure to actually get over there. We went on a Monday and I was surprised that the place was almost completely empty. A few people were hanging out around the entrance smoking and laughing who looked like regulars. One of them turned out to be the bartender, who was nice but not exactly friendly. I think another person hanging out by the door worked there too.We grabbed one of the many empty tables and sat down. I looked over the menu which didn't include any particularly interesting beers.

The Neuzeller Kloster-Baru Schwarzer Abt caught my eye on the menu. Although I didn't realize it at the time but, I had read about it recently. Apparently the makers of the beer had been in a long legal battle over whether the beer could be called beer because, it had sugar in it. They recently won that legal battle. 

I found this beer to be way too sweet and actually pretty gross. I was struggling to drink it by the end. It was just way way too sweet for my tastes. I really can't say that it had much if any in the way of redeeming qualities. It barely deserves the 3/10 I'm giving it. I would have trouble recognizing this as beer in a blind taste test possibly as, it reminded me way to much of a cola.

After that debacle I decided to go with a nice safe draft beer and the Jever pilsner is what I went with. I've had Jever a bunch of times but never on draft. I'm not a big fan of pilsners but, I find that this beer has some interesting flavor and is highly drinkable. This beer is a 7/10 for me and one of the better pilsners available in Germany.

Besides beer they have an extensive list of mead available and some mixed drinks. My wife had a glass of the mead and thought it was pretty good. All the mead is poured out of large jugs that you can see behind the bar. There are also drinking horns around but, I didn't inquire how one earns the privilege of quaffing their preferred beverage from one. I'm assuming it involves money or bartering in human skulls.

How much a person enjoys this bar is going to be directly correlated to how much they enjoy metal music. While not all that loud various genres of metal constantly pump through the speakers and the bar. I was actually a bit surprised how much of it was from the U.S. and more on the main stream side. I only heard two songs from bands that hail from former viking lands and nothing from any bands that are considered viking metal (yes that is a genre). I'm sure the atmosphere is very lively here on the weekends and late at night. If you like mead, vikings, and metal this place is highly recommended. If you don't like any of those things or are looking for interesting beer head elsewhere.

Overall: 8/10

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