Samuel Adams Alpine Spring

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I was tired after having just flown from Germany to Newark Liberty International and I had a four hour layover. I could have gone to my gate and done some push ups or maybe dropped down into a few warrior poses but, I was lacking energy and motivation. I also had the sinking feeling that I would probably be detained or tasered if I did anything more then just sit there. I began walking around checking out the shops near my gate when I came upon the Samuel Adams Brew Club. I knew the choice to enter would be pricey but with 4 hours to kill on a Monday afternoon what better to do then grab a beer or two?

I sat down and scanned the small collection of taps and was unimpressed by the selection. I had already tried every beer on tap multiple times before except for one so I easily decided to have the Samuel Adams Alpine Spring. With the upcoming change of the season and my never ending thirst to try new beer I was drawn into this beer's hazy web of taste.

I was actually surprised when it was poured because I was expecting something clearer but was greeted by 22 ounces of unfiltered orange haze with a thin white head. It looked good so I dove in mouth first. After having had mainly German beer for a whole year it was interesting to see an American twist on German beer. I was promised aspects of a Helles, spring bock, and Kellerbier by the description and was intrigued that they somehow managed to cram all of that into one glass. I'm often impressed with German beers consistency (this also has it draw backs in lack of diversity) and American beers willingness to push boundaries (although sometimes I think this just means trying to overload every beer with hops) and it was interesting to see these two worlds come together. The beer tasted crisp and refreshing with a nice balance of smooth malt and light citrus hops. I can see where this brew pulls inspiration from German beer but, this beer tastes in no way German. This was a great beer to have after an eight hour flight and I enjoyed it enough to order a second one!

This beer is tasty and would work well on a cold or warm spring day. Despite its delicious taste and reasonable 5.5% alcohol content the 191 calories per 12 oz serving is hefty enough that it might be better suited to pack on a few pounds for winter hibernation then help chisel out that six pack for the summer beach season.

Overall: 8/10 

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