Bar Review: Vaust Braugaststätte Berlin, Germany

Vaust Braugaststätte Berlin Germany

Located out to in the western neighborhood of Charlottenburg is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant and wine bar which also brews its own beer. Before you start to think that because they brew their own beer they will have a wide selection I should point out that they only brew a pilsner and a dunkel.

As we approached there was a group of older men drinking outside who seemed merry despite the rain. We walked through the doors to the open wooden dining room which was mostly empty. We sat down and were quickly handed our menus. The prices were a bit steep but, as they are focus on and only provide vegetarian and vegan food I think people heading there will be pleased. I had the vegetarian flammkuchen while my sister went with the vegan version. My wife had a small salad. The food was decent but not particularly memorable. Well enough of that nonsense lets move on to what important is truly important!

With only a dunkel and pilsner brewed there it didn't take me long to make the decision and go with the dunkel.

I didn't take any tasting notes but despite not varying from the norm this was a very pleasant and drinkable beer (7/10). I can't recommend that someone travels out of their way to drink here but if you happen to be in the area and don't have plans that it would be worth stopping by. We didn't stay for very long so I didn't try the pilsner. 

If you have non beer drinkers in your party there were several other drinks to choose from. I had a decent time while here but, nothing about the experience made me want to come back. The food was decent and the beer was good but, nothing was exceptional let alone great. Berlin isn't known for having great beer bars and it can be hard to find much variety in beer. Also the vast size of the city can make travel quite long despite the excellent public transit. If you happen to be in the neighborhood then certainly feel free to stop by but otherwise travel on.

Overall: 6/10

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