St. George Lager

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Well I have to say this is a rarity for me! How often do you get to try a beer from Ethiopia? When I ordered this beer at a restaurant in Berlin (Ethiopian of course). I had read a review of the restaurant where someone mentioned they had a really good stout while there. I asked the waiter while he was taking our drink order if they had any dark beer on the menu like a stout or a dunkel. He replied by saying, "No, all the beers we have are like German beers ... tastes like piss". I was surprised but ordered a beer anyways. After the waiter left I asked what my wife what he said which was actually, "tastes like pils" ... a very amusing moment for me!

Anyways on to the beer! The bottle was pretty interesting with, as one might expect, St. George slaying a dragon on the front. The beer was a golden color and the head on it didn't last for long. The beer tasted grainy and a bit malty as well. There was a very small amount of flavor from hops. Overall a decent taste but not memorable.

The beer was 4.5% alcohol which is pretty low. From what I found online there are 135 calories for a 12 oz serving so definitely safe for your diet. Although it tasted decent, I wouldn't recommend this beer unless you are trying to drink beers from around the world and want to get Ethiopia marked off your list.

(If you are wondering the restaurant wasn't very good).

Overall: 5/10

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