Bar Review: PowwoW Berlin, Germany

While researching somewhere to go one night while we were staying in Berlin we somehow mistakenly thought that PowwoW was supposed to be a sci-fi themed bar. All three of us enjoy various aspects of nerdiness and I thought even without an interesting beer selection that this place would be a winner. Shortly after walking in we began to realize that however we got the idea that this was a sci-fi bar into our heads was an obvious mistake. PowwoW, as the name attempts to imply, is a Native American themed bar (as far as the art and decorations are concerned at least). Now that I was thoroughly embarrassed I needed a beer.

I decided to go with the Diebels Alt. This solid brown beer had a large white head. I couldn't smell much aroma emanating from it. It had a smooth simple malt taste which was not exciting but still very good. I found myself thinking I could probably drink several of these. I considered it to be a 7/10 but, I'd like to have it again and see if I like it more as I thought of rating it an 8. I like Altbiers and I hope to find some more on my travels as they aren't readily available in Hamburg.

As you may notice they also had bottled New Castle Brown Ale.
I had tried all the other beers on the menu before so I decided to have a Guinness to round out the night. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Guinness as it was the first stout I ever had and one of the first imports. It was the beer that allowed me to realize that there is more to the beer world than mass market US brews ... there are mass market brews from across the pond too! But anyways this uncomplex creamy beer holds a special place in my palate and even though it is a 8/10 in reality it often feels like a 10 when I drink it.

We shared a plate of fries and some chips with salsa and guacamole. The fries were forgettable but, I thought the guac was decent. The food was American and Tex Mex  leaning standard bar fare which isn't all that common in Germany. The specials consisted more of what you might expect to find around Germany.

The bar only had a few patrons there during our visit. We sat in an almost empty room with table service. Our server wasn't interested overall but, that is often the case around Europe. Paying people a living wage is great but, sometimes service can be somewhat disinterested especially in Germany. I know that it is a culture difference but patience is not always something I excel at. There was nothing wrong with this bar but there was also nothing right about it either. The beer list had a few decent choices but nothing unique or all that interesting. You wouldn't hate it if you came in here but, you might as well look for somewhere else to spend your hard earned beer money.

Overall: 5/10

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