Westmalle Dubbel

I haven't had a chance to drink many Belgian beers and I'm glad I'm getting to try more recently. This was only the second trappist beer I've ever tried (the other being Chimay). The Westmalle Dubbel comes in a dark 33cl bottle. The beer poured dark red brown with a thick white head. I thought the beer smelled a bit like fruit juice with hints of cranberry. It looked and smelled appetizing.

The beer started with a bitter taste but that gave way to a sweet and complex flavor. The sweet part of the flavor was a mix of fruit and smooth malt. I thought the beer tasted chewy at times. There was a slight hint of alcohol at the end. I was impressed by how little I could taste the alcohol despite being 7% abv. I actually enjoyed the beer more as it went on which is unusual for me. I generally find a beer to be more enjoyable at the beginning and towards the end I'm ready for something new. Definitely give this beer a try if you see it.

Overall: 9/10  

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