Ayinger Altbairisch Dunkel

Ayinger is a consistent German brewery and an excellent choice for sampling various German beer styles from if you are trying to become more familiar with them. This beer poured and automatically I thought of dark cola. Even the way the carbonation rises to the top reminds me of soda. The white head dissipated quicker than I think I've ever seen happen before.

This beer is very malty tasting. It makes me think of crisp liquid caramel. I found this beer very refreshing and as with many German brews it would work well for a session beer. My wife tried some and she said it reminded her of being at the beach walking down the boardwalk in the offseason with family as the small of salt water filled the air. She also thought it reminded her of salt water taffy. Her palate is much more refined than mine!

I liked this beer and I'll have it again at some point. I do have to admit that towards the end of the beer I started to get a bit tired of it but it is still a very solid and enjoyable beer. It is also one of the better dunkels I've had.

Overall: 8/10
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