Bar Review: Mostodolce Florence, Italy

I came here with my wife on a Friday afternoon while we were in Florence. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was happy hour and even more pleased to see that pints were only 3.50. The front of the pub was very open and let in lots of light but it was very dark towards the back. We walked in and found a seat but after sitting there very briefly we figured out that there wasn't any table service and we would just have to order at the bar. There were four beers on tap and I was determined to try them all. 

 My favorite was definitely the Shangrila which was a strong ale. There was also the Golden Ale, A.F.O. (which I believe was an ipa), and Panada (which I think was a wit beer). I enjoyed all of them a lot but after tasting and sharing them with my wife I definitely wanted another Shangrila. It had a good balance of malt and hops and despite the high alcohol content it was very smooth and refreshing. I was really impressed. I unfortunately can't remember much about the other beers because tasting notes aren't always a high priority while on vacation.

I didn't try any food but I did notice it looked like they had a wood fired oven. If I ever go back I'd be interested in trying the food. The service was a little slow by my U.S. standards but attentive and seemed pretty consistent with the more laid back approach I'm used to at most European establishments. It doesn't look like their website is updated very often but you can find that here.

If you are ever in Florence and looking to try some craft beer then I would highly recommend stopping by. If you get a chance happy hour (which I think was 5-8) would be a great time to sample all four of their offerings on tap. I didn't inquire about a bottle list because at the time I wasn't interested in anything besides the drafts. If I lived in Florence I'm sure I'd stop by a couple of times a month and would certainly stop by when they have new beers on draft.

Overall: 8/10
Golden Ale and Shangrila
Panada and A.F.O.


This guy would love to share a beer with you ... unfortunately he would prefer to drink from your skull. 
More patron artwork hanging on the wall.

Not sure what if anything this contraption actually did. 

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