Bar Review: BVeg Florence, Italy

This isn't actually a bar but a vegetarian restaurant in Florence, Italy which also specializes in craft beer. I found them while searching reviews on Tripadvisor and it seemed to be a good place to take my wife for food and for me to have a pint with dinner. I could have swore I looked at their website before but all I could find while writing this was their facebook. I looked for awhile and couldn't find it but I remember finding their site and being impressed with some of the beer they had in pictures.

The restaurant looks very modern and hip and I was impressed by the boxes of Southern Tier sitting by the bar. We sat by a table in the corner near a bookshelf filled with works of Shakespeare in Italian. Our waiter brought us the menu which was completely in Italian but he was more than happy to translate it for us. I had a chickpea burger which was really good and my wife had some of my roasted potatoes with her onions which were glazed in a mixture that tasted like balsamic, red wine, and honey. I was a little disappointed that they didn't have a beer list of any kind but the server said that it changed very often and he would be more than happy to make a recommendation. All the drafts cost 6 euro a pint.

I told him I'd like to try a stout or a pale ale and he brought two different pale ales for us to sample. I decided to have the Morning Glory which I believe is this from Retorto. My wife liked the other one which was the California Camelback but I'm not sure where the brewery is from and I don't see it in my picture of their beer taps below. Despite there being what looks like seven taps active we were told that they had six drafts while we were there.

I really enjoyed my beer and it was very refreshing to have a pale ale on draft since I can only find imported bottles from the U.K. or U.S. generally in Germany. It had a good amount of hops with citrus, spice, and fruit flavors. I liked that it wasn't very bitter and had a little sweetness. It went well with my food. I liked the other beer as well but didn't drink very much of it. I definitely remember it having more pronounced hop notes.

I noticed on the way out that they had an imperial porter on tap and wish I could have tried that one too. It seemed like they had a good overall selection and balance of beer. If you are ever in Florence and want a change of pace when it comes to food or want a laid back place to grab a few delicious Italian craft beers than this place is great!

Overall: 8/10

Morning Glory

Morning Glory again

California Camelback

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