Ayinger Celebrator

I have to admit that Celebrator is one hell of a cool name for a beer. Who doesn't want to celebrate? Also it comes with a festive little goat charm on the bottle which has become a yearly part of my Christmas tree decorating festivities. All that aside what really matters is what is inside the bottle.

Celebrator arrived a dark brown with hints of red and a thick head. Dark fruit, bread and alcohol lingered up from the glass. The beer was thick and chewy in my mouth despite a somewhat moderate 6.7% ABV. Raisins, dates and plums mixed with bread and alcohol to make a beverage that truly feels like a party. Maybe this is even the fabled flavor of melanoidin which I don't really understand. Despite being lower than the low end of the range of alcohol for the style (at least according to the BJCP guidelines), Ayinger Celebrator is a must try Doppelbock.

from http://www.ayinger.de/cms/index.php/266.html

Overall: 9/10
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