Fässla Lagerbier

While in Bamberg I really wanted to go to Brauerei Spezial, but I wasn't thorough enough in my research to realize that they closed at 2 on Saturdays. As we walked up to the door and this reality sunk in, it became painfully obvious we all needed a drink. Across the street was the inviting and formerly unknown to me Brauerei Fässla. We walked in and had our choice of seats.

Moments later a smiling woman approached and asked, "Pils oder Lager?". It was interesting; usually service staff try and entice you with many options such as food or a variety of beverages, but here it was right to the chase. I decided to go with the Lager.

I received my half liter of clear golden beer with a white head and no pomp. I took a wiff and found grass, grain and a hint of sulfur. The flavor was classic German beer flavor with general grain and cereal and a hint of grassy hops. I found this beer bland but unoffensive. It was definitely drinkable but in a city with overwhelming beer options it didn't stand out. I didn't order a second round.

Overall: 6/10

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