Cafe Abseits Bamberg, Germany

Cafe Abseits was a place I was looking forward to going for quite awhile. We were only planning on going the next night, but the first night we arrived every place we knew that had food was further away from where we were staying, so we decided to head here. When I walked up the hallway and turned through the door I was greeted by a room that looked like it could have been a West Virginia diner. There was an L shaped bar with a few booths to the side and a few additional tables down some steps.

We took a seat and looked over the menu. The beer menu is extensive and one of the larger I've seen in Germany. Unfortunately it is setup oddly with varying fonts and pages. The five drafts aren't even completely grouped together. It took a few moments before I decided to go with a bottle of Weyermann Double Imperial Black IPA. The food menu is also quite large. I really wanted to get a pizza, but we already had plans for pizza the next night. I gambled and went with the schnitzel.

There were plenty of open tables the first night we went. When we came back later the next night it was busier but still had some space. This place catered to locals, and it seemed everyone in there was a regular. Service was decent and about at a normal German speed (so slow by U.S. standards). It was surprising to find out the bartender who helped us the second night was from Chicago. All the staff I interacted with were polite and helpful.

The food wasn't so great. My schnitzel was alright but was essentially like eating hammered fried chicken. Maybe I should look into opening hammered fried chicken joint someday. My lovely companion was also feeling dangerous and ordered the nachos which turned out to be generic dorito style tortilla chips with some cheese on them that were a bit burnt. I saw a couple at another table order food and the man sat there with his infront of him waiting. Eventually he got up and came back and stared at his food some more. Eventually a pizza arrived for the woman and a slightly odd confrontation of dirty looks and shrugged shoulders were exchanged between the man and a guy who might have been a manager. Another table ordered some burgers that they seemed to enjoy. This probably isn't a great option for food, but if you get hungry at least it is reasonably priced.

The music was a low volume which matched the overall relaxed atmosphere. Songs from the Ramones dominated the second night while slightly older rock songs like the Beach Boys "I Get Around" and Black Sabbath "Paranoid" filled the first evening. Artwork was hanging around the rooms for sale, and there were some interesting pieces. I doubt they sell often though as they were often several hundred euro. I did really enjoy the atmosphere of this place, as it was oddly comforting and welcoming.

Cafe Abseits is an unique beer bar that is truly one of a kind. The old and quirky interior almost made me feel like I stepped back in time. The beer menu is extensive and while the draft list isn't very interesting the bottles are well priced and offer some great craft and local beer choices. The service was decent, but there can be some waiting time. I wouldn't recommend coming here food, but if you do need some snacks there are lots of options. I don't often find myself at a lack of words to describe my experience somewhere, but I feel Cafe Abseits is somewhere you just need to go to understand.

Overall: 8/10

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