Pinta Atak Chmielu

Little did I know when I ordered Atak Chmielu that I was ordering attack hops! I also had no idea that it was going to be a cask ale. It arrived a darkish copper color with almost no head. I could smell citrus, caramel and grapefruit. It had almost no carbonation which was a little off putting and kept distracting for me. The flavor matched the aroma and was a well balanced blend of citrus, caramel and grapefruit. Considering this beer's name translates to attack hops I was surprised it wasn't very bitter. This beer was decent, but I would only drink it again if it was on draft or in a bottle instead of from a cask. I guess since this one only cost 10 PLN, it wasn't much of an investment though.

Overall: 7/10

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