Super Bock

I felt like I needed to experience what is probably the ultimate Portuguese food combination - the Francesinha sandwich and Super Bock (did you really think I was going to suggest Port wine and chocolate or cheese?). While Super Bock may be everywhere the Francesinha happens to be mainly relegated to Porto. The real problem is everywhere serves a Francesinha in Porto, so trying to pick the right one is a gamble.

We happened to walk by a place that advertised a vegetarian Francesinha, so I declared that my vegetarian companion and I would have to dine here, so she could also experience culture or something. A bit after orders were placed the drinks were served. My beer was a very pale golden lager with a small white head. It was highly carbonated and had a light body. It had a basic grainy beer flavor with some light hop bitterness. It was an unremarkable beer but about what I expected.

The Francesinha is a basically a few random pieces of meat between white bread that is topped with an egg and left to swim in cheese and gravy. It is also generally served with fries. The meat was sliced ham, something that resembled a generic hotdog, a slightly spicy sausage, and some gristly beef. The sauce was kind of bland and uninspired. I was glad I tried the sandwich, but it wasn't very good. The beer didn't pair all that well with the sandwich. It was just too bland to really cut the rich fattiness of the dish. I would do this cultural experience again I guess, but this may just be some weird form of self loathing.

Overall: 6/10

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