Hatodik Íz / Black Horn Thorazine Sunrise

Thorazine Sunrise sounded like an intense drug of a beer, and despite it being nowhere near sunrise it still seemed like a good choice. A bit of research later revealed it to be a collaboration between Hungarian brewers, Hatodik Íz and Black Horn. The board claimed it was a New Zealand pale ale which brought me to the conclusion that it was brewed exclusively with New Zealand hops. It was handed over a medium orange brown with a small white head. It had a slightly watery medium body with an normal amount of carbonation. Caramel and biscuit malts were noticeable as well as citrus, lemon and tropical hops. The caramel and biscuit were quite prominent in the flavor and worked hard to balance the moderate amount of bitterness. The hop flavors were still present but not as prominent as the malt. This beer was decent but not something I would ever look for again.

Overall: 7/10

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