Regionalne Alkohole Kraków, Poland

It was looking like a beer free Easter Sunday when my lovely companion noticed an oasis in the frigid landscape of Kazimierz. Before us stood a small shop with a flashing sign which declared that inside there was alcohol, and indeed they were open. Could it be that there is beer to be found on a major holiday?

Walking inside Regionalne Alkohole I broke upon a mass of people in the small rectangular room. Apparently I was not the only one in need of a drink that day.  All the wares were located behind the counter which made the beer hard to see. There were about three large shelves that went all the way up to the ceiling dedicated to beer. There didn't seem to be any clear organization.  Beers from different brewers sat next to each other, and I couldn't make out any clear order by style either. The shelves behind the counter were far enough away that it took sometime for me to properly identify bottles.

As I scanned and scanned again I began to notice that they had an overwhelmingly large selection of beer I wanted to try. Also most of the Polish beers cost under 8 PLN which made buying them very economical. Back and forth I went and eventually I decided to get four beers despite only originally planning on getting two. It took a moment for the lone woman working to have time to come over to help me, but she was very friendly and seemed knowledgeable about Polish beer.

This beer store really improved my search for Polish micro brews. I felt lucky to randomly walk into a liquor store and walk out with so many highly regarded beers. Considering the cheap prices in bars I would recommend focusing your efforts there in Kraków as opposed to buying bottles, but it is good to have options. The beer selection mainly consisted of Polish craft choices, but there were plenty of other options from around Europe and a few from the US. The main negative to the shop is that all the beer is behind the counter, so you will have to have an employee help you. It would be great to be able to go through the beer selection closer. If you are driving or checking a bag on your journey out of Poland, I would highly recommend picking up some beer for the road.

Overall: 8/10

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